Evening on Kalalau Beach

Nonetheless, we have earned our ticket and we are here to enjoy!  We locate a camping spot on the beach and commit after some worry about how far the water would come up during high tide.  We bring together some large stones for camp furniture and set ourselves up nicely on a stretch of sand on the beach with amazing views of the “hanging valley” behind and above us.  The ocean stretches out in front of us with a stunning panorama that you have to rotate your head from side to side to see it all.  OK, time to use the shower!  The shower, as we call it, is a natural small waterfall that slides down the cliff wall from the hanging valley above.  Some small plastic pipe pieces are at the base of the shower that you use to place against the wall and then a brilliant, cold endless flow of water drives into your body.  If you’re not expecting the temperature, it can take your breath away and makes you whoop with pleasure.  It’s a basic pleasure and words can’t describe how good it feels after an 11-mile hike.


We’re now all showered up, got water treated for dinner, sit around our kitchen, and slowly start our dinner.  Meanwhile, the sun sets right in front of us on the vast Pacific and we enjoy our first evening on Kalalau Beach.  We have a hard-won delicious meal and we start to add a layer or two of clothing as the sun melts into the ocean and the stars slowly come out in the clear evening sky.  The glow of the sun and day take a long time to pass the area eventually into darkness.  What happens next is stuff you could never plan or buy as an experience.  We’re laying on the still-warm sand, good food in our bellies, camping in paradise, and the shooting stars start their show in the sky.  We lay on our backs sweeping the sky with our eyes and watch as the meteors blaze through the atmosphere.  We enjoy the show, appreciate how great life is, and start thinking about heading to our tents to sleep when the grand finale arrives —- a meteor traces a green trail through the sky … there’s a flash … and it explodes into a shower of sparks.  I feel like announcing; “ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to the show, have a lovely evening and please drive safely on your way home.”  An amazing ending to a great adventure filled day.

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