Eero Whole Home WiFi System

It used to be that you plugged in your wireless router into your Cable or DSL provider and you were ready to go.  That was good enough for a while for most people and their homes, but that’s not the case anymore.  There are multiple reasons why something new has been needed:

  • people that have large homes and one device just doesn’t provide the wireless coverage needed
  • folks that live in apartments or tricky home layouts that one device just doesn’t cover well, and
  • dense living environments, like apartment buildings, where everyone has WiFi and the signals overlap and cause problems

These problems have also existed for businesses and caused a lot of frustration.  The answer in the commercial world has been to put in place multiple wireless access points into a so-called “mesh” wireless network.  The problem is that this sounds good on paper, but implementing it is complicated and expensive.  If you’re interested in more discussion on this, my friend Jeff Bull has a short video that talks more about this that you can view here on YouTube.

Enter the Eero product and how all of these problems go away.  This is going to be a short review because, frankly, this product from Eero is fantastic.  Eero packaging

Why?  It simply gives you everything you want.  Let’s take a look:

  • First, the packaging is beautiful and very Apple-like with everything nicely in place and easy to remove for setup
  • The actual setup of the physical components couldn’t be easier; place the main Eero unit next to your cable or DSL router from your provider, then connect your Eero unit with an Ethernet cable and power it up with the AC cord
  • Then, install and run the Eero app on your phone and follow the couldn’t-be-simpler instructions and beautiful animations that guide you in a few steps until everything is up and running in just a few minutes
  • Done!


eero setupThe system I purchased included one Eero unit and two Eero Beacons.  The Beacons are smaller and thoughtfully designed to plug directly into an electrical outlet.  Plug it in somewhere appropriate in your home to extend wireless and you’re done.  It even has a nightlight that will automatically turn on in the evenings when it’s dark enough.


The Eero app also gives you a simple but useful real-time view of everything that is on your network and how it is behaving.  You also have the easy option to set up a “guest” network for visitors without giving up your personal password and putting them on your own home network.


Let me summarize by saying that I’m a huge fan of the Eero product and am highly eero night lightimpressed with the simplicity, beauty, and overall delivery of the promise of making home wireless work awesome all the time & everywhere.  Eero says their goal was to make wireless invisible and they did that even better than I thought possible.

If you have any issues at home with your wireless network or aren’t happy with the performance & speed, do yourself a favor and get an Eero system.

I can’t think of a single thing to nit-pick about the product and am therefore giving it a perfect 100% rating!