Backpacking the Kalalau Trail – Part One

The idea came up for some of our friends to do a Hawaiian vacation and some people were gravitating towards Kauai as the island destination.  The group also had a desire to make it somewhat adventurous to earn their time in the...

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Backpacking the Kalalau Trail – Part Two

The Start of the Journey The start of this adventure is at the Ke’e Beach parking lot at the literal end-of-the-road on the north shore of Kauai.  The rest of the northwest portion of Kauai can only be traveled by foot, air, or...

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Backpacking the Kalalau Trail – Part Five

Evening on Kalalau Beach Nonetheless, we have earned our ticket and we are here to enjoy!  We locate a camping spot on the beach and commit after some worry about how far the water would come up during high tide.  We bring...

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Backpacking the Kalalau Trail – Part Six

Kalalau Beach Reveals Her Secrets The next morning we see a curious sight on the beach.  There are people queued up in two different spots on the beach with big garbage bags, near the water and facing the ocean.  We met a Swiss...

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Backpacking the Kalalau Trail – Part Seven

Exit Beach Right… In the morning, our alarms go off and we get up to a somewhat clearing sky.  As we got ready and got our packing strategy started, we noticed that the couple next to us are also up and doing the same.  We got...

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Backpacking the Kalalau Trail – Part Eight

The Extraction We are tired of waiting all day, we’re anxious, and tense.  But, as we start crowding into this tiny boat, our mood changes immediately.  We have a mound of garbage bags in the middle, our legs are straddling the...

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