Hard boiled eggs are a go anywhere, easy to travel, or just around the house ingredient for snacks or meals. One favorite of ours is the classic egg salad and you can see my particular recipe for it here.

I have the fool-proof 100% reliable method of getting perfect hard boiled eggs every time with very little work. Here’s a quick summary of what’s involved:

  • Very little work involved and total time of 25 minutes
  • This method uses an Instant Pot “IP-DUO” pressure cooker, a colander, and a trivet (all that go inside the pressure cooker)
  • Hard boil a dozen (12) eggs at a time



Here are the step-by-step directions to perfect hard boiled eggs every time:

  • Fill pressure cooker pot with less than an inch (1″) of water
  • Place the trivet in the pot
  • Place a dozen (12) eggs into the colander and place the colander into the pot, resting on the trivet
  • Place the pressure cooker lid on, rotate & secure the lid, and make sure the pressure release valve is rotated to “Sealed”
  • Press “Manual” on the front panel of the pressure cooker and decrease the automatically applied “30 minutes” timer to “5 minutes”
  • The pressure cooker will automatically get started now and you should now set a timer for 20 minutes in order to catch the pressure cooker at the right time to turn it off
  • When your 20 minute timer finishes, pay attention to the reading on the front panel. The panel should have an “L” and then a number on the right. Your 20 minute timer should give you a few minutes time to catch the “L” reading to get to “L—-5”. The point is to turn off the pressure cooker right at “L—-5”. When your 20 minute time finishes, this is a good time to grab a large bowl, place a few handfuls of ice into it, fill it water, and place it next to the pressure cooker.

  • When the pressure cooker panel reads “L—-5”, hit “Keep Warm/Cancel” to turn off the pressure cooker
  • Next with a protected hand (use a towel or oven mitt), rotate the pressure release valve away from “Sealed” and let the pressure cooker release the pressure and steam. Once the steam has almost completely dissipated, you can safely rotate the pressure cooker lid and remove it.
  • Now, use tongs to grab each hard boiled egg and place it into an ice water bath in the bow to decrease its temperature and stop any further cooking. That’s it, you now have a dozen perfect hard boiled eggs cooling and resting for use. Clean up should wait for the pressure cooker and the colander & trivet to cool off or handle with an oven mitt.

We have found this recipe with our Instant Pot IP-DUO pressure cooker to be perfect 100% of the time. Here’s also a colander and trivet set that work with this pressure cooker.

As a bonus, the eggs also seem to peel easily, especially if you use them fairly soon. If you have them in a fridge for a few days or longer, than the peeling might be not as easy with more breaking of the shell into smaller pieces.