Maybe a trillion? How many decisions do you think we make in our lifetimes? What about in a year? What about every day? Former professional poker player and executive coach, Annie Duke writes this brilliant book that is titled simply and powerfully.

Whether it’s major life decisions such as who to marry, what job to pursue, where to live, or just the hundreds of thousands of other things we need to decide in our everyday lives, Duke provides dozens of methods, thought experiments, and real-life examples to sharpen your ability to do just that — decide and decide well. This also includes not just decision-making on your own, but crucially, how do do things with others in private life or in the workplace.

The book has a cute and indicative cover image. And as you flip through it, you will observe that this isn’t a typical book with endless blocks of texts. Instead, you will get busy with this book — grab a pencil or pen and follow the instructions to better understand the material that Duke presents in a “workbook” style.

Yes, this will take commitment and a desire to not just sit there and try to (magically) absorb wisdom on how to make better decisions in your life. Like anything (and everything) in life, you need to work for it. And, I view the book as highly successful at helping you do just that.

I’ve owned the book now for a year find myself going back to the book and realizing there’s yet more there to better understand and incorporate to my existing decision skill set.

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How to Decide book cover

Between the Lines

Our lives are nothing more than an endless string of decisions to be made — small, big, and gigantic. It seems obvious to me that you want to have an excellent method for doing just that. Yet, we are biased, we are unaware, we are sometimes doomed, or we have good methods that can be significantly improved and built upon further.

I think this is a highly important book for youngsters to start contemplating and for mature adults of any age who are open-minded and care about making better decisions in life to perform better, be a better person, and just enjoy life more. Highly recommended.