Doris Yoga is leading an amazing 13-day cultural, trekking, and yoga experience in Nepal from November 19th through December 1st, 2017.  We recommend seriously considering this opportunity if you have an interest in hiking, trekking, Asian culture, or yoga.

We have carefully planned this trip for Doris to be full-featured, diverse, and with the right amount of satisfying physical exertion and necessary comfort & luxury.  You will experience stunning Nepal landscapes during your trek portion of the trip and also encounter the best of Nepali sights during the cultural parts.

We’ve been following Doris’ work for several years and are huge fans of what she’s doing for helping to wake up and align our bodies.  We practice with her twice a week and she makes it a lot of fun with plenty of laughter during classes.  While there’s the familiar yoga aspects to her classes, there’s so much more in how she helps you to create a pain-free body that will serve you well for the long haul.  Whether you’re an absolute yoga beginner or an experienced yogi, this will be a trip with a great amount of personal discovery.

Picture yourself in a stunningly beautiful country of warm friendly people, led by a best-of-the-best expert guiding company, having unprecedented access to Doris for 13 days, and getting all of this for only $1,995!

Spots for this trip are very limited and are filling up, so please e-mail Doris to reserve your spot.  More information about the trip is available for download here or click on the below thumbnail.

Yoga in the Himalaya with Doris - Trip Flyer

Yoga in the Himalaya with Doris – Trip Flyer