Hi Everyone, I hope you jump on this great opportunity to fund a loan for FREE to help Women across the world.

Tomorrow, March 8th, is International Women’s Day and Kiva has a wonderful promotion of offering 10,000 free trials for people new to the platform. Hurry to get your free trial before they’re gone.

It’s simple, read through the stories from across the world, pick one that speaks to you the most, Kiva funds your $25 loan for free, then track the progress and see the good you’ve done.

Julie and I have been using Kiva for a couple of years and have funded dozens of loans across the world and the impact has been amazing. If you have kids, are looking for unique gift ideas or a different twist on Christmas, check out Kiva. See how easy & fun it is to use Kiva to create positive impact in the world.

Please go to this link at Kiva.